Why Us? Great Question!

From Dusk Till Dog is a fully licensed, insured,

and bonded Limited Liability Company.

We Are Certified


Do you know that dog training is an unregulated profession?

When hiring any professional, don't you want them to have a strong educational background, and diploma or certification for the services they are providing? We expect lawyers, doctors, and veterinarians to have credentials from a certifiying body, and we don't expect dog trainers to be any different in this regard. 


Owner Erika is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant who graduated with distinction from CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, a Government-Approved and State-Approved School and program that is licensed by the NJ Department of Education and the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development. This certification is based the standards of the nationally respected Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and the position statements of the leading organization in reward-based dog training, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Erika is also an official mentor trainer for CATCH, where she is able to coach and train up-and-coming certified dog trainers.

From Dusk Till Dog is also a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild - The Association for Force-Free Professional, the only organization that vets their members. The Pet Professional Guild is a membership organization representing pet industry professionals who are committed to results based,

science-based, force-free training methods. We are also professional members of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers.



We Are Customer Oriented


We strive to provide the highest level of customer service, professionalism, and quality in everything that we do. We provide flexible scheduling to meet your needs and always avail ourselves to assist our clients.


We Are Current


We utlize only the most up-to-date in modern dog training and behavior. Dog training has come a long way with the world's top scientists, behaviorists, and most respected veterinary institutions now backing positive reinforcement dog training and proactively warning the public against out-dated, punitive methods. From Dusk Till Dog does not support the use of any training methods or tools that cause fear, pain, or harm to a dog, both mentally or physically (e.g. pinching, shocking, spraying, choking, etc.) We understand that some pet parents may have used some of these methods without a clear understanding of the risk in doing so. By providing our clients with the knowledge they need, we strive to help them understand how our canine companions think and learn and how they can be negatively affected by punitive methods.


With positive reinforcement you can train a chicken to peck at a specific item, a whale to flip in the air, a dolphin to swim in a specific pattern, a bear to run past the camera for a movie, a bird to land in a certain spot, giraffe to put their hoof on a platform to get their hoof filed, and a cat to sit on cue! So why on earth would we need anything different for our dogs who reside in our very own homes and are part of our family?

Our goal is to assist our clients (and the public) with being well-informed so that they can enhance the bond with their dogs. Positive reinforcement is the key to effectively training your pup while also enhancing this bond, and we invite everyone to learn about it in detail. We are certain that if our dogs could talk, they would opt for us using the more positive, humane approach. We know you love your dogs, and we love them too!




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