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Get 1:1 on virtual coaching, useful lifestyle tips, training information, enrichment ideas, product recommendations, tutorials, and more!

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🎂💙 Happy 7th birthday to the sweetest dog in the world.jpe

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Behavior Consultant, and Dog Lifestyle Expert with over 12 years of experience, Erika's mission is centered around providing online content and resources educating the public on dog training, behavior, enrichment, and dog lifestyle products. Her goal is to help educate humans on how to better communicate with their dogs using positive methods and to help dogs and their people live better lives together with her online content and resources. 

She also helps clients across the globe through her virtual coaching programs and provides benefits and support through Patreon

💜 🐾 SOME REASONS WHY I AM PROUD TO BE A SNACK LEADER__._➖ My dogs feel safe around

Virtual Coaching

Let's address your training goals together - whether it's puppy training, honing your dog's general skills, or working on improving your dog's unwanted behaviors.

☀️🐾Erika with our amazing client, Tank! Tank is a 12 year old pitbull mix who started tra

Free Enrichment Guide

These are all things dogs enjoy because it is natural to their species. Having your dog engage in these types of enrichment activities will help prevent boredom & more. 

🐶 Welcome Molly to the From Dusk Till Dog family! She is a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrie

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Consider joining our Patreon to support our content & get benefits like exclusive content, discounted 1:1 coaching, free surprises, discounts to events/webinar, and much more!

I got to recently meet and work with this awesome, recently rescued dog and his dedicated

Downloadable Training Docs

Check out our free, downloadable handouts covering things like leash walking, potty training, and more! I will be adding to this as time goes on so stay tuned.


From Dusk Till Dog

The From Dusk Till Dog podcast covers an array of topics including dog training tips, product recs, life with dogs, and much more! (Available on Spotify, Google, Apple)

I love what I do for many reasons, but one of them is that I get to make new friends every


I'll be sharing a lot of different things on there. Dogs, life, and a dash of humor. I'm looking forward to documenting, sharing, and hopefully providing some value.

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Certified Dog Trainer - From Dusk Till Dog
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