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Virtual Coaching

Online consultations gets you professional advice and

guidance from the comfort of home!

On a Video Call

About Our Virtual Sessions:

  • Access to training materials to help you with the training

Benefits of Virtual Coaching:

  • Allows you to be the main trainer for your dog from the very beginning! 

  • Great option to discuss your training goals and go over management options and detailed training steps

  • Accommodate different time zones

  • Efficient use of time 

  • Online learning is a tried-and-true option. Just like many others educate themselves online, learning how to train your dog is no different!

What You'll Need:

  • A laptop, tablet, or smart phone with working internet and webcam

  • Download the video chat app, Zoom. It's free to use​!

How to Sign Up:

  • Before you can request your session(s) you need to first fill out our Intake Form here

  • Check our real-time current availability on our booking site here. This is also where you will request your session(s). You can also access your account to cancel and reschedule any existing appointments

🐾🐕Rex decided to take a load off by sitting on Erika’s lap during our recent outing with


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