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Virtual Coaching

Online consultations gets you professional advice and

guidance from the comfort of home!

On a Video Call

About Our Virtual Sessions:

  • Access to training materials to help you with the training

  • Please note, Erika is currently available for coaching new virtual clients on Sundays

Benefits of Virtual Coaching:

  • Allows you to be the main trainer for your dog from the very beginning! 

  • Great option to discuss your training goals and go over management options and detailed training steps

  • Accommodate different time zones

  • Efficient use of time 

  • Online learning is a tried-and-true option. Just like many others educate themselves online, learning how to train your dog is no different!

What You'll Need:

  • A laptop, tablet, or smart phone with working internet and webcam

  • Download the video chat app, Zoom. It's free to use​!

How to Sign Up:

  • Before you can request your session(s) you need to first fill out our Intake Form here

  • Check our real-time current availability on our booking site here. This is also where you will request your session(s). You can also access your account to cancel and reschedule any existing appointments



30 Minute Virtual Coaching Session
Sessions can be used for whatever is most beneficial for you at that time.
The time can be used for client/trainer Q&A, to develop specific training plans and protocols, to work hands-on with you and your dog, to develop a specific enrichment plan for your dog, to go over training plans and goals, and more! Every client, dog, and situation is different and we use the time in the way that is most beneficial for you and your current situation. Note-taking is highly encouraged for clients.

Investment: $75

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