Virtual Coaching

Online consultations gets you professional advice and

guidance from the comfort of home!

About Our Virtual Sessions:

  • Unlimited email support during the program

  • Access to informational training outlines, handouts, and videos 

  • We can address any dog training goals you have, including puppy basics, intermediate skills, advanced skills, and any behavioral issues including anxiety/fears/phobias, stranger danger, aggression issues, leash reactivity, and more

Benefits of Virtual Coaching:

  • Allows you to be the main trainer for your dog from the very beginning! 

  • Your dog can fully focus on you during the training with less distractions

  • Less stressful for dogs with stranger danger, fear/anxiety, or aggression issues (especially when first starting a new training program)

  • Accommodate different time zones

  • Efficient use of time 

  • Online learning is a tried-and-true option. Just like many others educate themselves online, learning how to train your dog is no different!

What You'll Need:

  • A laptop, tablet, or smart phone with working internet and webcam

  • Download the video chat app, Zoom. It's free​!

How to Sign Up:

  • Review our How to Prep for a Virtual Training Session document here

  • Before you can request your session(s) you need to fill out our Intake Form here

  • Request to book your session(s) here

    • This is also where you can see our real-time, current availability​

Pricing & Programs

Initial Consultation [for first time clients]: 

One hour virtual session


Your trainer will obtain a thorough background and history of your dog, evaluate the situation, and provide management strategies and protocols to immediately begin helping change your dog’s behaviors. This also includes an explanation of our positive training methodology and information on how dog’s think and learn. 

Investment: $125

Once you have completed your Initial Consultation, you can choose from the following single session or package options below:

Single Sessions

One 1 hr virtual session:

Investment: $125 

One 30 min virtual session:


(this is for long-term clients in need of a refresher or who need a consultation in-between sessions. Please email us directly at to schedule.)

Investment: $75

Package Options

(After you complete your initial consultation,

you can choose one of the following options.)

Three 1 hr virtual sessions:


Investment: $360

(Expires within 2 months of start of program)

Customized training plan based on your needs and goals. 

Puppy Basics Package

(Six 1 hr sessions)

Investment: $710

(Expires within 3 months of start of program)

Skills covered: name recognition, coming when called, attention/focus, sit, down, go to place, crate training, potty training, gentle handling to prep for the vet and grooming, and socialization. Address common issues like nipping/mouthing, chewing, jumping. Included information on mental stimulation, advice on equipment for walking, and much more!

Six Session Package

(Six 1 hr sessions)


Investment: $710

(Expires within 3 months of start of program)

Customized training plan based on your needs and goals.