The Mentorship Experience

with Erika Gonzalez

Let me help you navigate your next business move!

I have spent over 9 years working in the dog space and growing my business. I took a small dog training business and turned it into a successful and profitable career and online personal brand. 

I want to help you reach your goals with less mistakes along the way! Whether you are a dog trainer in training that wants some guidance, a professional trainer who would like some case feedback, a pet professional wanting to branch out in the industry, a small business owner looking to grow on social media or take your business to the next level, or someone who wants to know more about the dog space or owning a business - this program is for you! 

My career journey has had several stops along the way, including working at a Fortune 500 company, positions in marketing and public relations, then working in dog daycare and boarding facilities, training facilities, assisting rescues and shelters, managing a large chain pet store, running my dog training business, starting a dog walking and pet sitting arm of my business, and mentoring students enrolled in dog training school - to now going fully virtual with my business and services, collaborating with brands, becoming a content creator, and building an online personal brand.

Entrepreneurship is in my DNA. I'd like to take all of my experience and knowledge and help you with your business and career goals!

Who This is For:

  • Pet professionals

  • Dog trainers in training

  • Students

  • Professional dog trainers

  • Small business owners

  • Individuals wanting to get a better understanding of what being a dog trainer and/or business owner is like

Services Offered:

  • General inquires (any topic is on the table)

  • Best practices to get your dog business up and running 

  • Client relations, case feedback, and business strategy

  • Marketing and customer acquisitions

  • How to grow on social media and improve your content creation

Each mentorship experience is unique since each person's goals, needs, and businesses are different. We will first discuss your overall goals and then design a detailed game plan from there.

This service is "a la carte" so that each consultation is customized and flexible to discuss and strategize as needed.

All consultations are done over Zoom.

Please email us if you'd prefer another way.

What You'll Need:

  • A laptop, tablet, or smart phone with working internet and webcam

  • Download the video chat app, Zoom. It's free​! (Please email us if you need to use another method or app).

How to Sign Up:

  • Before you can request your consultation(s) you need to fill out our Intake Form here

  • Request to book your consultation(s) here

    • This is also where you can see our real-time, current availability​



per consultation

Each consultation is

60 min long.