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Dog Enrichment Program

Work with Canine Enrichment Technician (CET), Erika Gonzalez on customizing a tailored enrichment program for you and your dog!

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About Our Dog Enrichment Program

  • During this program, we will discuss you and your dog's day to day, your goals for their enrichment, your dog's behavioral and training history, introduce different types of enrichment, how to execute enrichment in your daily lives, how to use it to successfully help address certain behavior issues, the when, where, and how to implement enrichment activities, and much more!

  • Access to training handouts and videos to help you with the program

  • Please note, Erika is currently available for client appointments on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. Please see below to learn how to get started on scheduling

  • This program is specifically for enrichment. If you are looking for behavior or training help, please visit our options for virtual coaching

  • ** This program requires clients book at least 2 single sessions to properly complete the program. ** 

Benefits of Enrichment for You and Your Dog:

  • Allow you to provide your dog with a more stimulating and fun environment for your dog to participate in their natural behaviors like learning, exploring, foraging, and engaging

  • Reduces boredom and related problem behaviors

  • Helps build their confidence and problem-solving skills

  • Stimulated and assists in brain growth and development for younger dogs

  • Protects cognitive decline in older dogs

  • Gives your dog a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction

  • Helps keep dogs occupied and happy 

  • Can assist with providing your dog with daily tasks and a sense of a "job"

  • Provides a proper outlet for your dog to simply be a dog

  • Dogs find it really fun!

What You'll Need for Our Sessions:

  • A laptop, tablet, or smart phone with working internet and webcam

  • Download the video chat app, Zoom. The Zoom app is free​!

How to Sign Up:

  • Before you can request your session(s) you need to fill out our Intake Form here

  • Review our How to Prep for the Enrichment Program document here

  • Check our real-time current availability on our booking site here. This is also where you will request your session(s)


Dog Enrichment Session:

Investment: $125

(each session is 60 min long)

** This program requires clients book at least 2 single sessions to be completed within 1 month for consistency, (totaling $250) in order to properly complete the program. ** 

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