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Dog Parent Winter Tips

I went outside this morning to let the dogs out and it was the coldest morning of the season (or atleast that's how it felt to me). So what better time to give you some cold weather tips to keep in mind this winter season?

Here are a few things to help you and your pup out during these cold months:

  • Bring out all the dog-approved blankets. I set out one for each dog bed and have a couple extra for the couch. My dogs definitely gravitate to the cozy blankets over any other spot in the house.

  • Have dog wipes around. I have them near the back door and also in my car for after walks.

  • If you're using salt on your walkways, sidewalk, or driveway, consider a pet-safe kind.

  • If your dog has sensitive paws or you plan on walking/hiking in areas that may have hazardous items on the ground, consider dog booties.

  • Have a good paw balm on hand. Make sure to keep your dog's paws and nose moisturized during these dry and cold times!

  • Give your dog's jacket a good wash so it's ready to use for your long walks. Not every dog needs a jacket (depending on the breed and size, etc.) but I do have one for each of my dogs. I prefer a nice snug thermal type jacket, like this one.

  • Invest in a good car seat cover to save your seats from dirt, mud, and snow! I have used these this one and this one (one for a captain's type seat and one for a flat back seat).

  • Stock up on puzzle toys and enrichment games. These are great to use every day, but especially good on days where the weather sucks and you can't get out for a nice walk. Check out some of my favorites in my Free Enrichment Guide.

I hope this helps you and your dog during the winter months. What other things do you do during this time to help prepare?

Take care and talk soon,



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