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Downloadable Dog Training Docs

On this page you will find some PDFs you can view and download for free to help you with your dogs at home. I want to thank all of our Patreon members who help make these resources possible!

It's important to note that these are general tips I put out to simply help in any little way I can. After being in the dog training field for the past decade, I am devoting more time to providing online resources to help dog lovers and their families. None of these strategies or tips are meant to be a one-size-fits-all approach for any dog's behavior.

I know there is a lot of dog training information online and my goal for this site is to do what I can with my background as a dog training professional, to provide you with anything that you might find helpful or useful in your relationship with your dog.

If you're experiencing behavior issues with your dog or are looking to learn one-on-one from a certified dog training professional, I recommend investing in hiring a dog behavior consultant and/or speaking with a board certified veterinary behaviorist

I'll be adding to this page as time goes on. Anyway, I hope this helps you! :) 

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