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Resources to Find a Qualified Dog Trainer

Handouts to Review

- 10 Questions to Ask a Trainer Before Hiring Them
- How to Choose a Dog Trainer

Some Directories to Find a Certified Dog Training Professional:

CCPDT Directory 
- CCDT Directory 
Pet Professional Guild Directory

- Fear Free Certified Directory
The Academy for Dog Trainers Directory
- IAABC Directory

- KPA DIrectory
- VSA Directory

Check out these important position statements from reputable dog behavior and training organizations to further assist you when looking for a trainer.


If you are looking for a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, this directory is a good place to start.

Some Things I'd Personally Consider When Hiring a Trainer:

  • That they only use positive methods. This means no dominance, shock collars/e-collars, prong collars, choke chains, "corrections", "alpha", "pack leader", etc.

  • That they do continuing education on dog training and behavior

  • They have experience/credentials to assist with the specific issue you're looking to get addressed or goal you have in mind. Basic training is very different than working on an aggression case or training a service dog

  • You vibe with them. This person will be working closely with you and your family and potentially be in your home, so you should feel comfortable with them

  • They go through a thorough history of your dog's behavior and day-to-day and your goals for the training


Also, Don't Rule Out Virtual Training!
There are many excellent qualified dog trainers who offer virtual classes
and one-on-one sessions that can effectively work with you.

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